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Game Management System (GMS) Update - 15 September

Further to the announcement last week on GMS here are some more details about the next steps for clubs and volunteers using the system. The main decision has been to delay player registration to give time for the GMS system to settle down and allow the first league games to be played with the least risk of issues reoccurring.

GMS is functioning and available to use and the registration process is now faster for new users. Whilst GMS is now open for player registration, we are controlling registration to ensure that the issues of last week are not repeated. Players at the higher levels will be asked to register first via links shared with those teams.

The following can now register in the ways set out beneath:

  • Officials (Umpires) - can register direct via https://gms.englandhockey.co.uk
  • Club Admin - can register direct via https://gms.englandhockey.co.uk
  • Team Admin - who should register via the link shared with their Club Admins and be allocated as Team Admin by their clubs. Please note the link will be shared with the Club Admins via the GMS mailing function.
  • England Hockey League Players & Team Management - Information will be sent direct from EH Competitions to Team Liaisons about this.

If you have one of these roles and have not yet registered on GMS, please register here: https://gms.englandhockey.co.uk

We will now steadily work through a number of steps over the coming days to ensure that the problems are not repeated. The system provider has implemented fixes to their technology and permissions and the aim is to ensure that any further disruption is minimal.

Clubs can rest assured that local league regulations will be relaxed by Areas to accommodate the longer period of player registration. In the first instance the focus for Club Admin should be on ensuring fixture times and venues are added and then getting Team Admin registered on the system. Initially results will be recorded via the electronic match sheets without the requirement for them to be fully completed until we communicate further.

Officials should continue to register and join England Hockey Officiating.

Despite the issues, good progress has been made by clubs updating fixture times and venues for matches with 70% now in the system. With on the way to 50,000 fixtures in the system for this season already this is helping to ensure that there is visibility of where and when games will be played for all Club Admins via GMS.

We are extremely grateful for the patience and tolerance of volunteers as we adapt our plans for the introduction of GMS.

Here’s a reminder of what you can expect according to your role in the next few days: