Talent Academy

Talent Academies are intended for the highest potential 15 – 18-year-old players

Talent Academy players, boys, Huddling, wearing blue

Talent Academies are intended for the highest potential 15 – 18-year-old players.

There are multiple opportunities most weeks for high-quality coaching and training through a combination of dedicated sessions and integration with other activities delivered by the host.

Every Talent Academy has a squad of players selected through a robust process based on the England Hockey Player Profile.

Below is a list of Talent Academies, their core training session day and time, where the session is held, a contact email address and a link to their website.

A Talent Academy is a licensed club that is part of a national network of delivering provision to the highest potential boys and girls from u15-u18. It provides an education programme to help prepare athletes for the demands of junior international hockey.

It is an environment that provides high-quality coaching across 40-44 weeks of the year with individual player support through player profiling, individual development plans & regular coach feedback whilst bringing together athletes from different clubs, school and junior county hockey to develop personal and athletic relationships fostering a healthy squad culture. 

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