Developing Your Project

Developing a project needs research, planning and strong delivery. To help with your facility journey click here to find more information and guidance

Garstang hockey pitch - Green Pitch in surrounded by trees

From building a new pitch, renovating your clubhouse or increasing storage - being involved in a Hockey facilities project is an exciting prospect. When well planned, financed appropriately and managed effectively these facilities will offer clubs long term sustainability and development opportunities for all levels of the sport. 

The first step to any facility project is ensuring it forms part of the whole development plan for the site and its user groups. 

Some key factors to consider are: 

  • Have you sought advice from the England Hockey facility team, pitch consultants or product specific contractors? 
  • Has a feasibility study been carried out?  
  • Does the project need planning permission?  
  •  What is the total project cost? 
  • Does the project meet the relevant design guidance? 
  • Have you got a robust business plan including maintenance and other ongoing costs? 
  • Is your project future proofing your facility? 

For advice regarding pavilion and clubhouse design please view the Sport England guidance here. 


When considering new developments or improvements to existing facilities planning permission may be required.  Sport England’s guidance can be found here.

For further information on how to manage your project from start to finish please contact