Community outreach coach for hire

self employed Birmingham

I have 15 years of experience of volunteer coaching, fund raising and obtaining 2nd kit and equipment in State schools, in after school clubs that have been run at the state schools .

I am offering my services to clubs in the B1 to B97 area , the clubs would pay me to go into the schools after school,the clubs would provide sticks and balls if the schools need them.

I would need to meet any clubs that are interested to discuss the fee they are prepared to pay and the distance involved , i am based in Sutton Coldfield B75 .

I can give case studies of the positive impact i have had on junior sections at clubs and schools , and my work over the last 15 years in state schools gives a wealth of experience on fund raising ideas , obtaining 2nd equipment and growing your junior section.

I am prepared to look at clubs in Staffordshire and Warwickshire , the only issues would be distance and how much you are prepared to pay 

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